9 Units Diesel Generators Have Been Installed by Binshi Power

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The 10.5KV, 18 units, 1820KW diesel generator sets project of Yangtze Memory Technologies Co. Ltd. (YTMC ) is under tensely and orderly construction, all the generators are produced by Binshi Power. Up to now, the first batch of 9 units diesel generator sets have all arrived at the project site and been successfully installed in place. The engineers of Binshi Power are carrying on commissioning and testing right now.  

Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. (YMTC) is an IDM memory solutions company, it is founded on the basis of Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (XMC). 

The memory IC base is based on the YMTC has already started construction. The total investment of the project is 24 billion U.S. dollars, and the core plant area is about 1,650 acres. After establishment, the monthly production capacity will reach 300,000 pieces. On April 26th, 2018. President Xi came to YMTC to conduct a survey and investigation, and he encouraged people at key positions and in relative industries to contribute to the development of national chip technology industry.

With a large production base and high output capacity standards, the power supply requirements are also quite harsh. Binshi Power is honored to provide a stable and efficient power supply with high quality generators and professional services. At present, the Binshi Power has successfully completed the installation of 9 units in the first phase, and we will continue to proceed the project with a high-level standard. We will try our best to contribute to the development of national science and technology.

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