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Notice for installation of diesel generator set 2017-12-27 16:03

Project Description


Notice for installation of diesel generator set:

1. Basics:
Installation of the generator set should take into account the weight of the floor, access and maintenance location, vibration, ventilation, exhaust pipe connection and insulation, fuel tank size and location, and subject to local or national environmental regulations.

2 Generator room:
  • The generator room must have enough space for the air to circulate freely. It is very important to ensure the normal operation of the unit, reduce the power loss of the unit and ensure the normal service life of the unit.
  • The generator room should not be placed inside other flammable and explosive items and may be easily involved in the safety net cover or even directly inhaled into the body and may affect the normal use of any unit. In order to prevent the return of hot air, a wind guide cover is arranged between the unit generator cooling water tank and the air outlet to prevent the hot air from circulating in the room. 
  • For installation and construction of generator that generally do not have special requirements, the design requirements for the circulating room are not high, and the air inlet and exhaust outlets of the circulating room can meet the requirements of the technical specifications only under the premise of ensuring that the exhaust back pressure does not exceed the specified value. And should avoid heating backflow. The generator room can reserve only enough operation and maintenance space.  
  • The generator room must ensure the amount of air intake to supplement the air consumed by the engine combustion and discharge a large amount of heat emitted by the unit through the radiator core, then could make the temperature in the generator room as close as possible to the ambient temperature and maintain the body temperature in normal operation range.
  • Should ensure that the minimum area of the exhaust outlet is not less than 1.25 times the effective area. The radiator core exhaust center position should be as far as possible with the center of the unit radiator core position; exhaust port aspect ratio should be same aspect ratio as the radiators.