Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

 "The Wölfersheim cogen unit has been running for almost a year and even constantly 24/24 hours in the past couple of weeks. At the time of engineering we were in close contact and this has proven useful forimplementation and start-up of the project. The operator is happy with the CHP unit. This could only be achieved through permanent communication, joint problem solving and seeking to adjust installation parameters to meet the operator's needs."

Andrée Baganz, plant engineering consultant, Berlin

"This project was so successful that the customer achieved payback within 24 months of installation. The units are still running today and we support the customer in parts and labour. The spare parts we need to maintain our engines are also of very high quality. Maintenance has proven to be very easy, and as a result contributes to the high availability and quality of electrical power output. We are very pleased with Perkins engines.

Nikki Godfrey, Group Marketing Manager
"Our CHP customers turn to us because they are interested in the performance of both the Perkins engine and the service team who will take care of long term maintenance. We are surprised at how many of our new customers seem to have been struggling with maintenance contracts in their earlier cogeneration contracts from other brands and suppliers.”
"The Oberhessen installation is significant for a number of reasons. It is the first time that we have tendered and won a contract outside of Belgium for cogeneration and the first time we have worked together with BU Power Systems. The partnership with BU Power Systems will certainly give us scope to increase our business in the German market, where we see district CHP projects growing as part of the general trend to increase CHP's share of the power market."
Jean-Pierre Van Wingen, EVW general manager

"With the installed lambda control system the engine is very robust against gas quality variations. The starting behavior as well as the operation at full load is very good compared to other engine manufacturers and fuel metering systems. Also the maintenance interval schedule and costs are absolutely acceptable and the engine side doors and single cylinder heads make the accessibility of engine components outstanding"

Joern Frahm, Digester biogas plant owner